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Cub Scouts! Do Your Best! Do Your Best!

Welcome to Pack 100

Cub Scouting is awesome! You can learn to tie knots, discover nature, shoot a model rocket, and race a car you made yourself. Parents appreciate how all of our activities are designed to build character and provide family fun.

Pack 100 is sponsored by Hoover Elementary School—and other boys can come, too! Our pack has a strong history of great activities, solid leadership, and family involvement. We work to make sure that your family will LOVE Cub Scouts.

Want to see for yourself? Come to a pack event, or contact us for more info. If you don’t live in the Medford area, visit

What Cub Scouts Do

Pack 100 provides a year-round program of fun and learning for boys in the 1st through 5th grade – and their families. Our activities include:

  • Pinewood Derby® racing
  • Shooting model rockets
  • Bike rodeo
  • Nature hikes
  • Family fun day
  • Summer camp (day or overnight)

Sound fun? It is! To see more, click on the Events link above. Or better yet, join us at a pack event and see for yourself! See the Calendar link for details.

Character Development

Since its beginning, the Cub Scout program has provided a fun experience to develop character, improve physical fitness, teach practical skills, and develop a spirit of community service.

These values are built into every aspect of Cub Scouting, from teamwork in the activities to earning awards and ranks. Best of all, the boys have fun in the process! For more information on Cub Scouting’s core values, click here.

Supporting Families

The scout’s family is an important part of scouting! Scouting provides many opportunities for meaningful conversations and family fun. In a busy world, we have about 2 meetings per month during the school year.

Each Den includes about 6-12 boys in the same grade. They meet monthly to engage in great activities like hiking, crafts, and games, and to learn important skills. Our whole Pack also meets together monthly for big events and to award scouts for their progress. Parents are encouraged to participate, so they can create memories with their boys.


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